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On top of the world again.

So I've set up a livejournal group for Bowlies.

In truth, I have no idea how many of you lot have ElJay accounts, but i thought that maybe this would be a good place for us to congregate and read each others thoughts on both bowlie-ish and non-bowlie-ish topics.

In fact I've not mentioned Bowlie at all in my livejournal yet (although, of course, I've not been bowlie-ing for so incredibley long)... and maybe you've not spoken of it either.

But if you're on Bowlie, the odds are that I'd be interested to see your journal (I'm incredibly nosey, you see), so perhaps pop your head in here to help slake my (actually insatiable) curiosity.

Ayhow... I don't really have any idea how many Bowlie's out there will find this useful, but I couldn't think of a reason for us not to have one...

So... here we are.

Enjoy and take care...

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